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Industry Research

Industry experts, Profile Outdoors, estimate the UK Outdoor specialist retail market for clothing, footwear and equipment (not including cross over sports such as mountain biking or more general Outdoor recreation) to be worth £1.426bn, at point of sale in 2013. They estimate that 21-23,000 people are employed in the Outdoor retail sector and a further 4-4,500 in the manufacturing and distribution of equipment.

Full details on how this is calculated and can be found within the comprehensive "Profile UK Outdoor Report 2012" below (the 2014 report will be published in April):

The market is roughly split as half to clothing, a quarter to footwear and the remaining quarter falls into the outdoor equipment category. The pie chart above is an extract from the European Outdoor Group's research document on market data. Full access to data across the entire European sell-in figures can be obtained by joining their research programme. Please contact Pauline Shepherd for further information:

The OIA regularly commissions research designed to provide valuable market intelligence for its members on all aspects of the outdoor leisure market. Additional documents are available for members to download free of charge.

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