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It’s Great Out There Coalition

Published: 30/06/2017

The It’s Great Out There Coalition held its first General Assembly at Friedrichshafen earlier this month. The event was attended by coalition members, including the OIA and some of the biggest outdoor companies in Europe. During the assembly, members were updated on progress that the coalition has made since its foundation at the start of the year.

It is now formally established as an International Non Profit Association, with an office base in Brussels, a volunteer board headed up by Kath Smith of The North Face as president, and an executive team led by secretary general Andrew Denton (on part-time secondment – Andrew continues as chief executive of the OIA) and marketing director Arne Strate (who will also continue in his role at the European Outdoor Group).

The coalition has 23 Founding Members, who have provided a great initial financial platform on which to build a programme of sustained and far reaching activity, all designed to meet the overall objective – ‘Getting Europe Active Outdoors’. The #ItsGreatOutThere team is now developing key activities for the next 12 months, including work in Brussels to secure European funds in the longer term to promote outdoor participation, and the roll out of the coalition’s own grant programme to support initiatives that introduce new people to outdoor activities.

The It’s Great Out There Coalition will continue to recruit Full Members and Support Members, as well as offer a range of sponsorship opportunities for a campaign that will reach tens of millions of consumers throughout Europe. To follow the progress of the project, visit or find it on social media.

Everyone can play a role in the campaign by using the #ItsGreatOutThere hashtag, but if you want to get more fully involved – and benefit from the huge reach of the initiative - contact or