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Britain on Foot

Led and managed by the OIA, Britain on Foot (BoF) is a long

term national initiative with one clear objective - to encourage more people in Great Britain to get active outdoors. The campaign aims to make an enormously positive impact on the health and wealth of the nation, by simply getting more of the public active!

Walking, climbing, hillwalking, geocaching with the family - getting active outdoors just five times a week helps keep you younger, lowers the risk of an early death, lowers your risk of premature cancers, cardio disease and Type 2 diabetes. It increases mental wellbeing, keeps your weight in check and generally tones you up for life!

Simple steps to show your support for Britain on Foot:

  • Retailers can pledge their support by placing a BoF sticker in their store window.
  • Show your support by encouraging your staff to wear a BoF pin badge.
  • Put a BoF Twibbon on your Twitter avatar - over 300 people are already doing so!
  • Include the BoF logo in your advertising, POS and swing tickets.
  • Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.
  • Like our posts, re-tweet our tweets.
  • Monetary support for the BoF campaign - just the price of one advertisement would help us move forward.

Support received since campaign launch has been fantastic, but there is still a long way to go - we need you as a company to believe it is worth - Getting Britain Active Outdoors - and to help us spread the word. For further information, please visit